Are the resort rentals only available to businesses?

Unfortunately, yes! We value what vacation owners are able to provide our business clients, and in turn strictly handle rental options between said businesses and owners in order to ensure our ability to offer guarantees in what it is we provide.

How is Show Vacation Rentals able to provide guarantees?

We only take on vacation owner clients whose property resides in an area our corporate partners need to travel to, so rather than just take your property, create a page for it and hope that it rents we already know in advanced that your property will unequivocally be requested to be rented out.

Am I Protected?

Of course! Every vacation property client’s rental lock-in is backed in a legal binding document courtesy of Docu-Sign. We’ve done everything necessary to ensure that you are well taken care of and secure when signing on board with SVR.

Why should my company book our lodging through you?

You will be paying less, and receiving more. The budget hotel/motels you’re booking for these trade shows and such are anything but budget friendly. What we allow is for you to stay at gorgeous resorts with incredible amentities at a fraction of the cost you’re used to spending by pairing you up with vacation owner properties that are typically minutes away from convention centers and where it is your team will be for the duration of their trip.

Show Vacation Rentals

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